Favorite Projects

Detail of a tree for To Kill a Mockingbird at Colorado Shakespeare Festival in 2009. Designed by Andrea Bechert. I supervised the sculpting, texture, and painting of this piece.

Detail of marble and gilt columns for All's Well that Ends Well designed by Andrea Bechert in 2007. I painted 8 of these pieces.

9 x 6 foot landscape painted on muslin at Cobalt Studios in 2008. Sprays, rag rolls, sponges, and stamps accomplished most textures. I completed this project alone.

Around the World in 80 Days for Colorado Shakespeare Festival, designed by Andrea Bechert.

Midsummer Night's Dream at Colorado Shakespeare Festival in 2007, designed by Dave Barber.

This is a reproduction of a Maxfield Parrish painting in SuperSats on muslin. It's about 6 feet tall overall.

Faux marble seminar at Cobalt Studios. Powdered pigment beer glazes fixed and layered with shellac, and oil glazes for subtler effects. Each sample is about 14" long on a base of shellacked posterboard.

Small drop for A Servant of Two Masters, designed by Dave Barber.